What Are Cookies and What Are They For:

Cookies are small text files containing the name of the visited site, validity and a pre-defined value. They are stored in a folder of your browser. When you re-visit the website that created the file, cookies may be re-sent by the browser to the site. Cookies that we use do not cause any damage to your computer or other devices used for browsing the Internet.

Cookies serve for:

• use of basic functions, such as the login of a registered user or pre-filling of forms (basic cookies);
• analyzing behaviour of visitors to the Website and subsequent improvement of its functionality and design (operational cookies);
• optimization of displayed ads taking into account habits of visitors and efficiency of marketing communication of customers (advertising).

Disabling Cookies:

Following installation, the majority of Internet browsers is set up for the automatic acceptance of cookies. Instructions on how to change this setup can be found in the Help window of your browser. Any changes in the browser setup apply only to the specific browser on the relevant device.”