Let us know about yourself!

At Medical Logistic, we will be happy to welcome any competent driver who can reliably perform his obligations resulting from pharmaceutical transportation and internal corporate policy.

If you’re interested in joining the Medical Logistic team, please contact Dušan Frzon, Executive Officer of the company, on 0905 260 815 from 8.00 a.m. to 3 p.m. on working days, or e-mail d.frzon@medicallogistic.sk and we’ll be pleased to meet you.

Employee benefit programme

In addition to regular income and a personally assigned vehicle, drivers at our company are provided with full equipment as mandatory company uniforms, necessary facilities, tools, medical check-ups, trainings, and courses.


All employees at Medical Logistic are entitled to a coupon for an all-inclusive weekend stay at hotel Kaskády near Banská Bystrica to enjoy when they are not on a shift. Relaxation can balance the high demands at Medical Logistic.